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Welcome to Message Builder
added: 2011-12-14 14:43:41 by Admin

Messagebuilder has moved to www.messagebuilder.net
added: 2011-07-06 22:35:58 by Admin

Dear Message Builder Users,

After the recent troubles we have decided to move the primary hosting site of the Message Builder to a new location. You have been automatically redirected from the old URL (http://msgb.unitpool.com) to the Message Builder's new home:


Please update your bookmarks.

The new hosting arrangement should provide better resilience and speed, which results in a better service for you.

Also, in order to enhance you experience working with the Message Builder, we have added a Forum for you to get the newest information and to participate in. Service interruptions and new release announcements will be advocated in the 'Official Announcements' forum. Please check in regularly or subscribe to new posts.

We have also added a support and feature request forum. This is another way to for you to get help and have your say. We strongly encourage you to bring new ideas on how to improve this platform forward. We will be very happy to discuss new ideas and we appreciate your time thinking about them.

The forums are located here:



The Message Builder Team